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    santiago doljanin, buenos aires. argentina (1986)

    santiago doljanin is an argentinian industrial designer and multimedia artist that works with obsolete technology and new media. he lived in barcelona for three years where studied a postgraduate in sound art (UB) and developed the mainly of his artworks. now he´s based in berlin since a year.

    his work is mainly focused on the creation of experimental and conceptual audiovisual installations. these, are the result of his exploration while combining different types of materials and technologies including electronic circuits, analogue formats and players, microcontrollers and sensors, nature elements and found footage; from which, doljanin develops ontological investigations. he also makes experimental films in super 8 and builds DIY instruments, with which he plays in different collectives in the city of buenos aires and barcelona. he has given workshops in sound experimentation, circuit bending and construction of non-conventional instruments and expanded cinema in super 8 in argentina, mexico and barcelona.

    he has participated in collective exhibitions at the CC san martín, the palais de glace, h gallery, the paternal space project, CC recoleta, hangar, 44perills art sonor, san agustín convent and santa mónica 2014, he participated in the RAT puerto acapulco residence and the escritorio de procesos residence, in mexicali, 2016, he was selected for the SAC residence program, sant andreu contemporani in fabra i coats in barcelona, spain. in 2018, he participed in the PACA residency and was selected by the production grant of MAU (rocaumbert, granollers) in Spain.

    +49 15205364630