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    santiago doljanin, buenos aires. argentina (1986)

    industrial designer and multimedia artist. i appropriate technology. i experiment with media and formats, analog and digital; using them as tools to create new audiovisual narratives, installations, musical instruments, objects, performances, and video art.

    my work processes involve random methods, looking for a constant change, as it happens in nature; obtaining different results from the same piece: systems - structures - generative devices, where i do not have absolute control of the result.

    i have participated in collective, and solo exhibitions and performances around argentina, mexico, spain and berlin at the cc san martín, palais de glace, h gallery, lpep, cc recoleta, hangar, 44perills art sonor, fabra i coats,san agustín convent, roca umbert, santa mónica arts, studio baustelle, festival exabrupto, in-sonora, festival mixture, festival experimento bio.

    +49 15205364630