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    “mordrake”“nounom””.”“megazord” is an assembly of noise integrated by adria juan, óliver vinent cardona, txe roimeser, albert tarrats and santiago doljanin, in which all its members send audio signal to a set of mixing tables that is fed back with the “no imput mixing” technique. each time we improvise we seek to develop new combinations of connections, sound effects and build our own electronic and mechanical instruments.

    1. 1- interconnect all the materials
    2. 2- use the largest number of available materials, both sound and visual
    3. 3- do not repeat combination of materials
    4. 4- apply and exploit the feedback resource
    5. 5- be there, do not wait to know what the other is going to do.
    6. 6- extended duration.
    7. 7- record and listen to recorded material
    8. 8- do not produce in stereo
    9. 9- not have the pretension to communicate anything
    10. 10- it is not necessary to follow the points