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    “k7sk8” this installation was created in collaboration with heloise tripier mondacin (FR), made for the collective exhibition “skate city” in the civic center barceloneta, barcelona. In April 2016.

    the installation included two magnetic tape loops containing recordings of a variety of sound textures captured in areas of barcelona where skaters get together.

    the recordings where obtained using an analog casset recorder in a Tascam portaestudio and this material was used to create a sound landscape composition combining sounds of skateboarding tricks, textures, mucis and the environment where this sport is practiced.

    the resulting loops where then played by two hacked cassette players in which the tape leaves the cassette making a loop between skate wheels acting as pulleys. the offset of the loops generated different combinations of sound textures.

    materials: wooden crate, two cassette players, skate wheels, analogue recorder, studio tascam door.